Geocell is a modern telecommunication services provider in Georgia, respecting local traditions. We are an indispensable part of the country’s life, contributing to its economical growth and social well-being.

We are a world-class service company, recognized as an industry leader in Georgia. We are proud pioneers of the local telecom industry, a position we have gained by being innovative, reliable and customer friendly. We act in a responsible way, based on a firm set of values and business principles. Our services form a major part of people’s daily lives – for business, education and pleasure. Thereby, we contribute to a world with better opportunities.


Geocell's mission is to help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way, by providing network access and telecommunication services. We help to make people's communication as simple and comfortable as possible. Our focus is to deliver a world-class customer experience, while ensuring the quality of our network and maintaining a cost efficient structure.

TeliaSonera Group

TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way. International strength combined with local excellence is what makes us truly unique - and provides a world class customer experience, all the way from the Nordic countries to Nepal. This combination has brought groundbreaking 4G, a world class fibre network, and introduced 3G at Mount Everest.



Brand Story

There used to be only two flavors of telecom operators to choose from: you either picked one of the giants that worked on a global scale or a smaller telecom that works on a local scale. This was like to be forced to choose between mass entertainment and cozy entertainment, between supermarkets and cornerstones, between banquets and picnics. We know what to call the choices like these: no choice at all. That’s why we decided to make a clean break with the restricted habits of the rest of the industry. With TeliaSonera customers don’t have to choose between global connection and close local relations. And internally it also reflects our cross-border way of working. Where our competitors see unbridgeable opposites we combine global strength and deep local knowledge. Our customers will feel it in the way we work and they see it in the symbols and colors of our new, unified brand, as well as our offers and exility. Wherever they are, no matter how they connect, because wherever we are, we are in the business of working together to provide smart solutions for our customers.
TeliaSonera – one company, one brand