3G internet

What is 3G internet? This service allows you to use Internet with maximal theoretic speed 21 mb/sec. Besides that, 3G internet means the best mobility – you can send or receive information, use Internet anywhere you go. For this you need just Geocell modem Geocell Connect or mobile handset with 3G support.

The 3rd generation UMTS standards network was established in 2006. Through this network a lot of service became available  - VideoCall, streaming and Mobile TV, but  the main advantage was increasing the data speed from 64 kb/sec to 384 kb/sec; the next stages were increasing to 3.6, 7.2 and 21 mb/sec speed. Today the maximum speed is availabile in Imereti.

For using 3.5G internet the same settings are used, as for Geocell Mobile Internet. Dial *106*4# OK and you will receive settings for your phone automatically.

Price for 1 MB of used data depends on your current tariff (link)

Today Geocell offers data transfer and Mobile Internet speed up to 21 mb/sec.