What is 4G internet


4G is the 4th generation of mobile network technology, giving you faster speeds and an overall better internet experience. You’ll definitely notice a difference when you’re gaming, streaming, downloading and surfing. It’s fast. 

4G is a data-only network. That means that when you make or receive a call, your service needs to drop from 4G onto either 3G, or 2G networks. When you make or receive a call, you'll notice the '4G' or 'LTE' symbol on your screen will switch to a G/GPRS; E/ EDGE, 3G; 3,5G/H ან H+ symbol. When you finish your call, your service will try to reconnect back onto 4G LTE.
Geocell 4G LTE provides speeds up to 10 times faster than the current average speed on 3G network. Impressive right?

To use 4G service your smartphone and SIM card should be compatible with Geocell 4G LTE
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