Who We Are

1996 year - GSM communication history begins in Georgia

In September of 1996, first GSM operator Geocell entered Georgian market, which had changed everyday lives of people.

In 1997, March 15 first mobile call was made by Geocell, and everyone felt the beginning of new era of global, positive changes.







More than 2 million people
During 1997, number of Geocell subscribers exceeded the expectation of Geocell staff. Nowadays number of registered Geocell subscribers is around 2 million people.
150 countries worldwide
Geocell coverage area occupies more than 98% of the country territory. Geocell subscribers are able to use roaming service in 150 countries worldwide.
Geocell innovative company
From the date of establishment, Geocell offers its subscribers innovative services offered by GSM/UMTS standards, which company launched first on the market.





Part of Telia Company

Finish-Swedish Telia Company is a leader in Telecommunications sector. It has operations in Nordic and Baltic countries, Eurasian markets including Russia, Turkey and Spain. Telia Company and its partner companies have more than 185 million subscribers in 17 countries.

On May 2011 all the brands entering in Telia Company were united under one umbrella. When seeing the common logo, the customer already knows that it is not only local company that provides the service, but also big international net of Telia Company. In Georgia, we Geocell represent one united strong brand of Telia Company. It has been 16 years we are integral part of this progress.

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Purpose and Values

Bringing the world closer - on a customer's terms


Our customers live in a high paced world of constant changes, where they have more possibilities, demand and control. Today’s customers are active and well informed. They positively rate those companies who have strong believes and live according to their purpose.


We are new generation telco company, who is entirely oriented to customer needs.

We are the company with the following values: Dare, care and simplify.

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