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Geocell is Different
Geocell operates in an innovative and rapidly changing telecommunications industry.

It helps Geocell employees constantly enhance their skills, knowledge and competencies, as well as develop new ones, in order to be able to stay competitive on the market.

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150 countries worldwide
Telia Company is an international group of companies.

It creates a very distinctive work environment through its corporate culture, friendly atmosphere and hi-tech facilities. At Geocell, work is more than a job. Thus, a great team spirit and shared values lead to a common goal. Every employee is highly eager to contribute to the success of Geocell, in order to maintain its superior customer service and reliable network.

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Geocell gives more
The value of human resources is no less than of compan's technical assets.

Therefore, Geocell has always been successful in attracting, motivating and retaining its employees through offering a competitive remuneration package and continuously investing in the professional development of its workforce at all levels. The company operates with high ethical standards and creates equal opportunities for international experience and career advancement in TeliaSonera’s European and Asian markets.

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Recruitment process @ Geocell
The recruitment process at Geocell is carried out strictly in accordance with TeliaSonera’s recruitment and sustainability policies.

This means that we deploy various selection tools, in order to assess the knowledge, skills, experience and potential of all candidates, as well as provide clear and transparent feedback about all selection results.

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Geocell Golden Brand Award
Geocell has been acknowledged as the Employer Company of 2015 by the Golden Brand Award.
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