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Mobile Number Portability allows you to switch to Geocell/Lailai without changing index and number. Accordingly you will not need to inform your friends about changing your cell number.

Porting to Geocell
To port to Geocell or Lailai, please visit Geocell service office and have your id with you. After filling out porting application and agreement you will receive Geocell SIM card, that will be activated with your existing GSM number after making porting request*.
*if Geocell receives approval from your existing GSM operator.

What are the reasons that may reject your porting request?
-    if your GSM number is not registered to your name;
-    if you have debt on your GSM account;
-    If when checking service availability had errors because of existing debts;

You will receive information about porting date at Geocell service offices after filling out agreement.

-    Please take into account that after successful MNP your existing tariffs and services will be substituted with the tariffs and service that you choose;
-    Request on porting can be cancelled before 24 hour to portability date, at Geocell service offices in working days
at 9:00-16:00;
-    Repeat of porting request is possible, after 30 days from previous porting;
-    If you have positive balance on your account, amount will be transferred automatically while being ported to new operator.

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